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InnoSportLab ‘s-Hertogenbosch, also known as ISLDB, is a cutting-edge sports laboratory in the Netherlands situated in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. Their focus is on innovation and scientific research in the realm of body movements to create top-notch products, standards, and services. The ICSWF board paid a visit to ISLDB in 2023 to explore potential future projects together.

Maurice Aarts, the lab manager at ISLDB, warmly welcomed the board for a tour, showcasing a variety of technologies applicable to calisthenics. Operating from their own lab in Europe’s largest training facility, ISLDB has traditionally concentrated on gymnastic sports. However, with the rise of calisthenics, they aim to enhance the professionalism of the sport. Their wealth of knowledge and experience can significantly contribute to advancing and ensuring the safety of calisthenics practice. The visit marked a pleasant introduction and the beginning of a closer partnership.

As a Sportinnovator certified center, ISLDB is associated with TeamNL center south and BrabantSport, forming part of the TeamNL support network. They play a crucial role in developing and implementing new (training) products, training methods, and improved, safer, and innovative materials and equipment. This aligns perfectly with the ICSWF’s goal of elevating the sport to new heights. Collaborating with ISLDB, the ICSWF can explore the development and testing of devices and products to ensure proper and optimal coordination.

We express our gratitude to Maurice for the warm welcome and eagerly anticipate a bright future where we can support each other in promoting a healthier, more enjoyable way of moving through calisthenics.