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The Haagse Sport Centrale (HSC) based in the Netherlands was democratically chosen to be the office for the International Federation.

We are very happy that calisthenics is included to the list of Urban Sports in this Olympic center, sharing space with other sports such as Skateboarding, which has proven that it is possible to become an Olympic sport. This confirms the path from urban games to Olympic Games, opening the doors to introduce other Urban Sports at the Olympic Games in 2024.

Calisthenics is the epitome of what is possible with your own body weight. We want to inspire people around the world to exercise and be healthy anywhere and anytime. Now is the time to unite, building up the sport together and make the impossible possible.

Together we build this future.

Let’s go for gold! 🥇

Joel Austin, Raoul Tirtosentono (Director of the Hague Sport Centrale), Pablo Urruty and Vincent Verhoef