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The Haagse Sport Centrale (HSC) based in the Netherlands was democratically chosen to be the office for the International Federation.

We are very happy that calisthenics is included to the list of Urban Sports in this Olympic center, sharing space with other sports such as Skateboarding, which has proven that it is possible to become an Olympic sport. This confirms the path from urban games to Olympic Games, opening the doors to introduce other Urban Sports at the Olympic Games in 2024.

Calisthenics is the epitome of what is possible with your own body weight. We want to inspire people around the world to exercise and be healthy anywhere and anytime. Now is the time to unite, building up the sport together and make the impossible possible.

Together we build this future.

Let’s go for gold! 🥇

The ICSWF was created with the aim of increasing sports participation in the world. Calisthenics is the basis for exercise for everyone and the policy is also aimed at involving everyone and encouraging them to exercise. The aim is to get society moving and to incorporate sport and exercise into people’s daily routine.

Making calisthenics global as a sport for all

A healthy and inclusive world through calisthenics


  1. Encouraging physical well-being and vitality
  2. Cultivating a connected and collaborative global community
  3. Garnering worldwide exposure and prominence
  4. Establishing safety protocols and standards for calisthenics parks
  5. Creating an inclusive sports environment accessible to all, anytime, anywhere
  6. Establishing national and international sports infrastructure
  7. Fostering a democratic, professional, and transparent approach to the sport
  8. Developing universally applicable rules and regulations
  9. Safeguarding integrity, safety, equality, and fairness
  10. Providing education and certification for trainers
  11. Conducting and supporting scientific research initiatives
  12. Promoting women’s participation at all levels
  13. Advocating for the integration of disabled individuals
  14. Implementing calisthenics as a wholesome and educational activity for youth
  15. Supporting, promoting, and organizing competitions, events, and championships
  16. Aligning with IOC guidelines to attain recognition as an Olympic Sport.

In our policy we address the points that will receive our attention in the coming years. In addition, the policy serves as a guideline to make the organization and finances of sport future-proof and to provide a model or guideline for the development of a sports policy. The Sport Policy applies to encourage consistency with changes taking place through informed discussion and appropriate organizational processes.

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