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Who We Are

Established on the 22th of September 2022, the International Calisthenics and Street Workout Federation (ICSWF) serves as the global governing body for calisthenics and democratically formed by countries throughout the world. The ICSWF is a non governmental sports organization dedicated to developing and promoting calisthenics as a sport on a global level. The main office is located in The Hague, Netherlands, serving as the epicenter of our global operations. Over the past few years, the sport has experienced a remarkable surge in popularity, captivating enthusiasts worldwide.

Board of Directors

Pablo Urruty


In the realm of calisthenics, we unearth the extraordinary within ourselves. Every rep, every sweat bead, and every moment of pushing beyond limits is a testament to our indomitable spirit. Calisthenics is not just a workout; it's a symphony of strength, resilience, and relentless determination.
It is with such determination that we are ready to build up this sport together, by professionalizing Calisthenics through scientific research, providing resources and uniting knowledge and strength among all countries in the world.
Alone you may get faster, but together we will get further.

Vincent Verhoef


My personal passion lies in improving the sport, developing a sports climate where everyone can practice calisthenics anytime and anywhere for a better world. Coming up with new concepts or solutions, conducting (scientific) research in a sport that is still young, I always look for new opportunities to advance the sport. I've seen the sport change people for the better. Calisthenics not only strengthens our bodies but also our mind. By pushing ourselves beyond our limits, we discover that we are capable of achieving more than we ever imagined. Boosts confidence, positively shaping body and mind and contributes to mental health and well-being. It empowers us to develop determination and commitment to reach our maximum potential and achieve our goals.
Every person can practice calisthenics, regardless of gender, age or level of skills. Together, we can create a sports culture that encourages people to embrace physical activity and fosters unity. Stimulating each other and creating a chain of positivity. For me, calisthenics fuels my energy every day and drives me to build a brighter future for tomorrow. A future where we realize sports dreams and create a better and healthier world through Calisthenics.

Joel Austin


It is often said that the human body is like a work of art. For me, Calisthenics is the accurate representation of the beauty of that work of art in motion.
It is a privilege for me to be able to represent this sport for it to reach every country, city, home, school and individuals that wish to improve their bodies, their health and their lifestyle.




I'm Felicitas Weber, a German national, living in Spain for some time now and responsible as legal advisor in the ICSWF.

As a passionate Calisthenics athlete, my dedication and support for the ICSWF, on the one hand, are driven by personal motives:
- Calisthenics is one of the most versatile sports in the world, and it should be known and accessible in all parts and nations of the world. I am particularly passionate about ensuring access for female athletes.

However, my personal mission from a professional standpoint is to make the sports world a fairer and more just place. While this may sound like lofty rhetoric, it begins with small, essential actions, for which I, as legal advisor, will take responsibility within our International Federation.

- After completing a double bachelor's degree in German and Spanish Law, I recently obtained a Master's degree in International Sports Law. Currently, I am pursuing a Master's in Legal Practice in Barcelona, with the aim of becoming an attorney specializing in international sports law.

As legal advisor, it falls within my competence to secure the legal presence of Calisthenics and the ICSWF, to give them a legally effective voice, and to maximize their potential on all administrative fronts of the ICSWF, representing and promoting the worldwide implementation of Calisthenics and Street Workout and striving for the participation in the Olympics.

Volunteering for the ICSWF combines my desire to integrate sports, a core component of my life, into my professional career with my strong affinity as a practicing female Calisthenics athlete.

Together, let's elevate Calisthenics to new heights!

Country Representatives

Erik Naissaar


Tomi Vuorinen


Jaroslaw Bulla


Benji Ureña


Angel Aponte


Jose Roberto Favero Junior


Robin van Zwam


Aldo Domingo Raygoza Salazar


Lars Hauge


Percy Alexis Adriazola Jimenez


Diego Alfonsin


Artur Harutyunyan


Carlos Salas


David Nguyen




What We Do

The International Calisthenics and Street Workout Federation (ICSWF) is a non-profit organization committed to the advancement and endorsement of calisthenics as a sport worldwide. We strive to foster the aspirations of calisthenics, firmly believing that this sport has the power to inspire individuals of all ages, abilities, genders, and cultures. The ICSWF is dedicated to further expanding the reach and development of calisthenics on a global scale by enhancing its National Federation framework and organizing competitive events, with a particular emphasis on achieving recognition as an Olympic sport.

  • A sport that is universally embraced, harmonize the regulations and evaluation process
  • Uniting and connecting calisthenics enthusiasts from around the globe
  • Enhancing the sport at a competitive level to motivate current players and attract new ones
  • Encouraging, facilitating and coordinating competitions and championships.
  • Supports the fight against doping in sport in all its forms.
  • Committed to ensure that calisthenics is practiced without danger to the health of the athletes and with respect for fair play and sports ethics
  • Unite and help establish national associations around the world and aiding them to promote calisthenics, organize competitions and foster local communities within their countries.
  • Stimulating and conducting scientific research by actively engaging in and leading groundbreaking scientific research in calisthenics
  • Support companies to develop new and innovative designs and products. Help them build their brand and enter new markets and reach new customers


ICSWF is dedicated to achieving the ultimate goal of obtaining official recognition for calisthenics as an Olympic sport.

C = Community
A = Appreciation (Respect)
L = Learning
I = Inclusion
S = Support
T = Transparency
H = Health
E = Enjoyment
N = Nature
I = Inspiration
C = Creativity
S = Safety

Our Values

We believe in fostering a strong sense of community, showing appreciation and respect to one another. We are committed to continuous learning and growth, ensuring that everyone feels included and supported. Join us in embracing the CALISTHENICS values!

About Calisthenics

The English word “calisthenics” is derived from two Greek words: “Kalos”, meaning “beautiful”, and “Stenos”, meaning “strength”. It literally means “Beautiful power”. It originated in ancient Greece as a training for the soldiers.

Calisthenics encompasses all exercises performed using one’s own body weight or minimal equipment. It is a form of training that not only enhances muscle strength and endurance, but also improves motor skills such as balance, mobility, and coordination. Examples of calisthenics exercises include push ups, pull ups, squats, as well as more advanced movements like handstand pushups, human flag, and front lever. By incorporating foundational and progressive exercises, you can customize the level of difficulty to suit your preferences. The natural movements involved in calisthenics contribute to overall physical health, making it an ideal approach for building a strong and athletic body.

Sport for all
Calisthenics is suitable for anyone who wants to strengthen their body and improve their performance.  Whether you want to build strength, improve coordination, or maintain a good balance, calisthenics is the perfect choice. By engaging in calisthenics, you can enhance the motor skills of your entire body, which is crucial for excelling in sports. Not only does it provide functional strength and coordination, but it also offers an effortless way to stay fit. That’s why calisthenics has gained immense popularity in various sports and the fitness industry.


Making calisthenics global as a sport for all

Our mission is to empower individuals of all abilities to participate in calisthenics and unlock their utmost potential. We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to excel, regardless of their current skill level. By fostering a community that embraces inclusivity and providing the necessary resources, we aim to inspire the world through the achievements and triumphs of our athletes. At ICSWF, our utmost goal is to introduce, promote, foster, advance the sport on a global scale and unite the international calisthenics community from all corners of the world.

ICSWF strives to offer a groundbreaking and thrilling sport for people all over the world, whether they are participating, officiating, coaching, or simply watching. By upholding its fundamental principles of respect, integrity, passion, inclusion, and ambition, ICSWF is committed to accomplishing its objectives.


A healthy and inclusive world through calisthenics


We strive to make a significant and far-reaching impact on society by incorporating calisthenics into every aspect of our life. By joining forces with us, you can help us elevate this sport to new heights and make a global difference.

Are you interested in joining our journey?

We are currently seeking individuals with expertise in IT, marketing, design, and other fields. If you’re passionate about contributing, please contact us and send your resume and letter of motivation.

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The ICSWF offers an incredible chance for its sponsors to connect with the worldwide community at an international, national, and local scale.

Our belief lies in partnering who can contribute to our goal of creating a global sport that resonates with the upcoming generation. Each of our partners shares this vision and actively assists us in making it a reality. We are grateful for the ongoing support of our partners.

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At the ICSWF, we are dedicated to stimulating and advancing the sport of calisthenics. We are constantly seeking opportunities for collaboration and development in the coming years. As our partner, you will have the chance to showcase your brand in the world of calisthenics.

Get in touch with us if you see any potential opportunities or if you want to learn more about our plans. We are always open to collaborations and providing our partners with a chance to showcase themselves and work together to make a lasting impact in the calisthenics sports world.

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