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The sport is fast, dynamic and fun to do, but it is also great to watch! This makes calisthenics a striking sport and offers plenty of opportunities to connect your company to it. Being a partner of the ICSWF means being part of changing calisthenics into one of the biggest sports of the world by creating a sports market, creating (new) business opportunities and setting-up the world standards. We give our partners the opportunity in new projects and developments in which they can profile themselves.

What are we doing now?

  • Planning to organize the 1st ICSWF World Championship; we want to show that calisthenics will be the next Olympic sport.
  • World Calisthenics Expo
  • Scientific research for calisthenics equipment
  • Calisthenics park quality mark
  • Developing judging system
  • Establishing calisthenics education
  • School programs and activation workshops

We offer the possibility to promote and mention you in all kinds of events, social media posts, website, etc. At the same time our partners are permitted to mention their partnership with the ICSWF and be recognized as an official partner. In short we grow together in all options and possibilities that arise.

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Headquarter ICSWF in Hague Sports Center

Olympic location and the home of TeamNL

The headquarter of the International Calisthenics and Street Workout Federation (ICSWF) is located in the Hague Sport Centrale, the epicenter of Urban Sports in the Netherlands. The Hague Sport Centrale is the home of the Olympic Skate Park and official home of TeamNL. We are proud that calisthenics is included in the list of Urban Sports in this Olympic center and shares space with other sports such as Skateboarding, which has proven that it is possible to become an Olympic sport. This confirms the path of urban games to the Olympic Games and opens the doors to introduce other Urban Sports at the Olympic Games in 2024.

Director Raoul Tirtosentono

“I am convinced that education is the key to success. The key to getting urban sports into the sports DNA of the Dutch. There are also successes to be shared there: various secondary schools ‘outsource’ their gym lessons to the Hague Sports Centrale, other secondary schools regularly come to the building for clinics and workshops and there is a tailor-made offer for students in The Hague. The building will also play a crucial role in the Hague and national top sports infrastructure in the coming years. With the Hague Sport Centrale we continue to build the future of urban sports. Not only nationally, but also internationally! We are therefore very proud that the international calisthenics association, the International Calisthenics & Street Workout Federation (ICSWF), is officially established in the Hague Sport Centrale. From its home base in The Hague, the ICSWF is on a mission to get Calisthenics as a sport at the Olympic Games.”

For events or schools

Are you looking for a special event location? That challenges? Or do you want to introduce your students or colleagues to urban sports? Please contact the Haagse Sport Centrale!

Johan Van Veenplein 12
2521 AJ The Hague
The Netherlands

InnoSportLab ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Olympic science lab partner of the ICSWF 

The InnoSportLab ‘s-Hertogenbosch Foundation (ISLDB) is a non-profit organization based in ‘De Plek’ in ‘s-Hertogenbosch the Netherlands. ISLDB is the only center for innovation in gymnastics in the Netherlands. The lab has been a Sports Innovator center since 2016. The high-quality technical infrastructure of the ISLDB makes it possible to carry out specific research and measurements of various calisthenics products and materials according to international standards.

The International Calisthenics and Street Workout Federation (ICSWF) and ISLDB are always exploring future projects with the aim of further professionalizing the sport of calisthenics and innovations and standards that result from this.

Scientific based

Within ISLDB there is an enormous amount of knowledge and technology that can be applied to calisthenics for further research. This allows us to make enormous progress by independently building knowledge and insight in the field of calisthenics, so that such standards, products and innovations are created that can set an example for the rest of the world. For and with our partners, we develop and realize new products, services and methods of training guidance and we validate new sports materials and sports equipment in order to be and remain innovative for sports. All this supported by scientific data combined with knowledge of biomechanics.

Scientific research with an Olympic science lab to set the world standards?

Innosportlab is a partner of the ICSWF which is an Olympic training and science lab to do scientific research and create (inter)national standards/guidelines. We are the only federation in the world working together with an Olympic lab to set up standards. By creating scientific based standards supported by the ICSWF both for calisthenics practice and equipments we do not only develop the market, but also lead potential clients choosing your product as it will be the leading partner in this journey of professionalization of the sport together, hence, increased perceived value and awareness of your brand.

How this activity will help the development of the sport:

  • Creates scientific evidence-based knowledge to professionalize the sport and competitions
  • Helps the industry deliver products and services based on this knowledge and in accordance to ICSWF´s recommendations
  • Investing and innovating in calisthenics is rewarded by quality. Organizations can distinguish themselves on quality and recognition, especially towards the first Calisthenics World Cup.


Feel free to get in touch and who knows it could be the start of testing or developing  something great!

Marathonloop 7a
5235 AA ‘s-Hertogenbosch
The Netherlands

BMDW Lawyers: Specialist in (inter)national sports law

BMDW Advocaten is a boutique law firm that specializes in (inter)national sports law, with a particular focus on football. BMDW has extensive experience in (inter)national dispute resolution within football and the legal guidance of (inter)national football transfers. A large network within the sport and specialist knowledge of both the industry and the complex laws and regulations that apply to it are optimally present and contribute to fast, thorough and high-quality services from the office.

When building up a sport to a recognized and Olympic sport, you must meet all kinds of admission requirements. It is therefore very important that the sport is set up in a good, official and reliable manner. That is why the ICSWF collaborates with the BMDW Law Firm, which assists and supports us in the legal field to make the best decisions for the sport at all times. With their specialization in (inter)national sports law, they help to legally develop the sport of calisthenics. They provided support in drawing up and advising on the establishment of the international federation and the drafting of the statutes.

Services and expertise

BMDW Advocaten is internationally oriented. As a result, legal assistance can be provided not only on a national, but also an international level. The firm provides services in Dutch, English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, German and Italian. This is combined with an in-depth knowledge of the market and legal systems within and outside of Europe

  • National and international dispute resolution
  • Legal transfer assistance
  • Intellectual property law
  • Employment law
  • General contract law

Kenaupark 16
2011 MT Haarlem
The Netherlands